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Marlo Ettien’s book chronicles healing and rebuilding of not only one life, but the life of a whole lineage. Anger and pain ripen into wisdom and hope. Ugliness is overcome by inner beauty. What is great about the book is the spirit of strength and warmth in the middle of suffering. The triumph overshadows the pain, so the book is upbeat and not depressing. The book has SPIRIT on each page…GOOD BOOK.

Dr. Barbara D. Massey
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion Emerita
Chatham University

Branches of the Same Tree Whether Broken or Reaching is an inspiration yet thought provoking portrayal of real life events that takes place with families on a daily basis. A true grit novel that will raise awareness and enlighten individuals to become responsible, attentive, loving and honorable. A novel that will stimulate others to be an heirloom in the lives of others.

Falese Green
SGN, Consulting and Development

Marlo Ettien’s short novel, “Branches from the Same Tree: Whether Broken or Reaching,” pulls the reader in and through, from page to page, vignette to vignette. This chronicle of a struggling family depicts spiritual growth as the attainment of compassion and understanding and the courage to heal psychological scars. The author has a gifted way with words.

Stephanie Siegel,

Branches From The Same Tree: Whether Broken or Reaching by Marlo Ettien is breathtaking; literally. As I read every page, I found myself holding my breath. This is the story of a young girl moving into adulthood, but Passion’s journey is nothing like Sixteen Candles or Pretty In Pink. This is the raw, burning excursion distorted by hatred, judgment, anger, and ugly pain. Yet, throughout it all there is such understanding that the sorrow is buffered by strength and hope.

Marlo Ettien writes Branches From The Same Tree: Whether Broken or Reaching with such poetic beauty it almost breaks the heart. As she goes through Passion’s early life, she remembers the good with the bad in almost every person with shocking honesty, creating a dizzying emotional ride. The way Passion grows to step outside of her childhood and view the root pain of her family without judgment is inspiring. As she craves love, she learns to see what true love is and realizes she is not bound by the actions of others. She sees the true gift of family is not in what we give or leave each other materially, but what we instill in each other’s hearts and souls. I recommend this book to everyone with an open mind and an open heart who is willing to journey through the pain and joy of a family torn to pieces. This goes beyond a good read. Branches From The Same Tree: Whether Broken or Reaching is a story that has delved into my own heart and inspired healing.

Kris Moger for Readers' Favorite