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Evette said:

Branches From the Same Tree Whether Broken or Reaching is the BEST book ever written about healing from hood life. Thank you so much for writing this book. Truly amazing!

Annette said:

The book is so relatable. It's such a good book! It's awesome!! The characters resemble so many families. Reading the book helped me at a time when I needed to heal and forgive. The book is touching. I didn't want it to end.

Wanique Shabazz said:

The book fluidly written. The titles of the chapters and names of the characters are very interesting. The book has a lot of profound messages. I really enjoyed reading it.

Debbie said:

Thank you for writing this story. It's very moving.

Deidra said:

I loved the book. I could see myself in different places. Some of us have different parts of the book in our lives and some of us have all of it. This book is about life, what's normal. It's about surviving and I'm glad that Passion survived. It was sad in so many places. I'm glad that it ended the way that it did. Thank you for introducing me to Passion. Thank you for writing this book.

Gloria said:

The book made me cry and made me laugh, which is good. It took me back into memories that were sad, tucked deep down inside and allowed me to release them. It's a good book and well written.

Laquisa Watt said:

Branches From the Same Tree Whether Broken or Reaching is a divine influence in addition to being relatable by displaying how you can overcome bondage and pain in a toxic environment. This book demonstrate how anyone can be healed.

Priscilla Nalls said:

Marlo's novel, Branches from the Same Tree - Whether Broken or Reaching was selected as our book of discussion for our April Session. We also invited Marlo as our guest of honor. Marlo Ettien is such a phenominal creative person. Her appearance at our session made it one of our best. Her level of communication, her style of writing and beautiful personality kept us interactive throughout the discussion. We found ourselves open to the discussion of the characters and how quite a few of us identified with and/or knew folks just like the characters of the novel. We discussed ours and those we know healings and/or need of healing and how this book should be read by parents and to their daughters. Marlo is not just an author of this novel, she is also an author of the spoken word - a poet. As she read an excerpt of the chapter entitled "Love Infinite Possibilities" featuring one of her poems "What is Enough", the words of the chapter and poem came alive and kept us spellbound. Upon the last sound of her voice, we went WOW!! with a burst of applause. I highly recommend your book club to read this book and extend an invitation to have Marlo as your guest of honor.

Prisclla Nalls said:

Marlo your first novel Branches from the Same Tree - Whether Broken or Reaching was written in such a style that pours out realism. As I became so enthralled with the characters, I knew for sure that this is not just a novel but a story based on real people, real lives and the forever seeming down beating cycle that tends to keep some families down. Yet, your style of writing allow the reader to identify characters within your novel to be found within our own families. Yet, your style of writing allow us to travel this cycle with the eyes of Passion and to see how she found a way to break that destructive cycle and made the choice of forgiving and healing. I not only recommend this book to be read, but parents to have their teenage daughters read and discuss its contents.

Johnny said:

It's a really good book. I'm impressed with the writing.