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About the Book

This chronicle of a struggling family depicts spiritual growth as the attainment of compassion and understanding and the courage to heal psychological scars. It’s about healing brokenness—healing devastation of people stuck in places they think they can’t heal from.

Gritty urban realities can break apart families and crush spirits. But with faith and determination, there is a way out.

Being a mother is hard, but being a mother, grandmother, sister or aunt in the depths of urban realities can feel impossible. Daily struggles seem unbearable and finding a better life is non-existent. These are the stories of thousands that crush spirits and break apart families. This may even be your story.

Branches from the Same Tree Whether Broken or Reaching, is for you. From this valuable reading you will learn just how sacred your role is. You will find the self-awareness and courage needed to take on daily battles. You will learn to recognize the pains you feel and embrace them to find joy. We are all over-comers. This book dives into the gentle depths of your soul to develop the wholeness and happiness we all deserve.

Follow the odyssey of Passion, as she embarks on a self-reflective journey from a place of brokenness to lessons learned. See how Satan’s challenges are designed to bring you to dark places but how you can battle and win.

This book is a gift for those courageously seeking wholeness underneath the brokenness. As hard as it may seem and very well may be, there is joy in unburdening—joy in overcoming. Find the joy. In finding the joy, you will access an expansion of yourself that frees you from feeling cast down. The darkness wants you to feel cast down. Some people are confounded by your individual capabilities because of not seeing past the brokenness in your life. If they could see past the brokenness, they would recognize that you are manifesting the experiences offered by the wholeness that was already there as Divine Intelligence, which is also within them.
Healing is a sacred space. It needs to be treated with gentleness, respect, and quiet. It comes from The Divine.


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Available for discussion with local book clubs, classrooms and groups. Please call Marlo at 770-940-3230 or e-mail marlobenspired at gmail.

How Can I Download the Book?

The ebook is published in the epub file format, which is available for many modern ebook readers (kindle, nook & iphone are good examples) and/or applications.

Audio Clips

Experience the empowerment of soul-stirring poetry from the novel. Deeply moving performances by two awe-inspiring spoken word artist from Black on Black Rhyme and the Author. All poems are written by Marlo and recorded to original music composed by her and George Kelly co-owner of Sound Resort Studios.

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1. The Battle - Akin "Shadow" Sawyerr
2. Moments Passed Away - Lateefah McKee
3. What Is Enough - Lateefah McKee
4. Today's Evolution, Tomorrow's Promise - Marlo E. Ettien

Author's Comments

Dear Reader, Thank you for your interest in “Branches From The Same Tree Whether Broken Or Reaching.” In reading this book, my aim is for you to experience the comfort of healing and its sacredness. To know that there is wholeness underneath brokenness. I am inviting you to go on an odyssey, a self-reflective journey from a place of wholeness back to places of brokenness and the lessons that were taught.

About the Author


Marlo E. Ettien has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Chatham University. As a Wiley Author, her work appears in the 2006 Pfeiffer Annual: Training as “Narcissistic Managers: An Impediment to Organizational Development.” She has another work; “Culture of Deception” online at American Chronicle that was published in 2009. (click on authors, then Ettien).

The "Culture of Deception" article has been used in a Media Ethics class by Dr. Karen Dajani at Chatham University and shared with other university professors. A reference for this article, a psychologist and executive business coach, Dr. Rick Keller, has shared the article with his colleagues.

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